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Once an established customer, our pick up for farm products is open 24-7. To become an established customer please contact us for more information. Please be considerate when picking up your products as this is our home too. 


Drop site pick up for milk is only for established herd share owners. Once an established herd share owner you have the choice of picking up your milk at a drop site in Oregon City on a designated day after 10:00am. The drop site is hosted at a residence, so please be courteous and respect their privacy. Milk will be located in refrigerators in the host garage. Instructions and the garage code will be given once the herd share agreement and new customer information is complete. For more information about the Herd Share Program, please visit our Herd Share Agreement page.


Highland Creamery supplies all the jars and lids. Each customer will have three sets of jars all with your initials engraved into the lid of the jars. One set of jars will be at the clients house, another set at the dairy and the third set will be in transition to the drop site. You (the client) are responsible for thoroughly washing your set of jars. You will be the only client using these sets of jars. Please bring all your washed and dried jars/lids to the drop site and leave for us to pick up. Pick up your full set of jars that have your initials on the lids. Please do not grab any milk in the fridge, make sure it is yours.  


You have the option of paying online with a credit card using secured PayPal or you may deliver check or cash to Highland Creamery in the farm store.

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