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Herd share agreements are available and allow you to pay for your portion of ownership a month at a time. The biggest advantage of this option is a free drop site location in Oregon City. To become a herd share owner there is a $15 per year fee and a herd share agreement you must sign and return via scanning and emailing, at your first milk pick up, mailed to the farm or in person. As a herd share owner you are buying a portion of the cow. One herd share is approximately 4 to 5 - half gallons of milk per month, which equals about one half gallon a week. You can buy more than one herd share depending on how many half gallons you consume per week. Once an established owner, you can pay for your monthly herd share(s) prior to the delivery month in our online store or submit a check or cash to Highland Creamery, LLC. Herd share cancellations must be made a month in advance and your yearly fee is non-refundable. You will be responsible for full monthly payments even if you don't intend on getting milk every week. No partial credit will be returned for unused weeks of milk delivery. Please make prior arrangements if you will not be able to pick up during one week or more. For more information regarding herd shares, please contact us and we'd be happy to explain how it works.

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